About me

Hi, I'm Andreas.
I'm a nerd.

✋ No-bullshit 3D Coder & Designer.
🏆 Award-Winning CEO & Founder at Vuframe®.
👨‍💻 MIT #35under35 Innovator.
🎯 20+ Years of Driving Real-World Impact in Tech.


I was first hired as a paid programmer at age 14 and had my first computer game sold in stores at age 16. I've been running my own companies ever since. My latest project is a 3D agency called Vu3D – we offer a no-code toolbox to create 3D visualisations and the turnkey services that go along with it.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics. My game studio released a dozen mid-budget games in Europe and the US beating out AAA titles in first year sales numbers in Germany.

My startup Vuframe won the German Digital Award for SIEMENS and our products won the German Brand Award.

Tech Stack

Except for C++ I've done pretty much everything. I'm most at home in Unity 3D – which I've been using since Version 2 / 2008 – and in Ruby on Rails.

As a former game developer I'm a huge proponent of native Apps over that whole Javascript mess. It's not a real app if it has no memory management. Yeah, I'm old fashioned.

I'm on Mac with ZSH. I don't get VS Code – a good IDE is the most important tool a coder can have: consequently, I'm a long-time Jetbrains customer. Yeah, old fashioned again.

Design Work

I don't like Figma. I chose Sketch back when there still was a battle between Figma and Sketch.

From there it's FontAwesome and Envato Elements.


I'm on a journey to #unplug my business and myself from the SaaS/Subscription craziness. You can follow my progress on this blog.